A Guide to Supporting Democratic Senate Candidates

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Donald Trump is not the only person on trial in the Senate right now — every Republican Senator is on trial with him. All of them have abandoned their duties when it comes to ensuring a fair trial, and if they all vote to acquit, then they are enabling the President to act as a monarch instead of a democratically elected leader, weakening Americans’ faith in the process that has governed our country for the last 244 years.

Even if a Democrat wins the White House this November, their presidency is meaningless without a Democrat-controlled Senate, and we need to vote out as many Republicans as we can to ensure the restoration of democratic rule in the upper chamber of Congress.

There will be 35 Senate races this fall. Here is a quick and handy guide to every Democratic Senate Candidate you can support against these traitors, sorted into four categories and alphabetized by state.


ARIZONA — Democrat Mark Kelly (profiled in Candidate Watch 2020 here) is the likely nominee against Republican incumbent Martha McSally, and one of our best shots at a pickup.

COLORADO — Former Governor and presidential candidate John Hickenlooper is running against Republican Cory Gardner, who has been a sitting duck for some time.

GEORGIA — The first of two Georgia Senate elections this year is against incumbent David Perdue. Two Democratic candidates lead the pack for the nomination: former congressional candidate Jon Ossoff, and former Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, who took Twitter by storm with this galvanizing campaign ad earlier this month.

GEORGIA SPECIAL ELECTION — The retirement of Johnny Isakson led Governor Brian Kemp to appoint Kelly Loeffler to his seat, triggering a special election. So far three Democrats are running to replace her: Tamara Johnson-Shealey, Matt Lieberman and Richard Dien Winfield.

IDAHO — Three Democrats are running to face incumbent Jim Risch: Nancy Harris, Travis Oler and James Vandermaas. The problem here can be summed up by none other than Ralph Wiggum:

IOWA — The two front-runners in the primary to face incumbent Joni Ernst are Theresa Greenfield and Kimberly Graham.

KENTUCKY — Former congressional candidate Amy McGrath is the likely nominee against Satan — I mean, Mitch McConnell.

LOUISIANA — Better Boys Initiative founder Antoine Pierce is currently the only Democrat running in the primary to face Republican Bill Cassidy in the fall.

MISSISSIPPI — Mike Espy is the front-runner against Cindy Hyde-Smith in a rematch of their special election two years ago where he triggered a run-off after coming within a point of beating her that November.

MONTANA — Four Democrats are vying to beat incumbent Steve Daines: Helena, Montana Mayor and Liberian refugee Wilmot Collins, mathematician Mike Knoles, Navy veteran John Mues and Global Ladies Alliance founder Cora Neumann. Unfortunately, current governor Steve Bullock still refuses to run for this seat.

NEBRASKA — Perpetually disappointed incumbent Ben Sasse has four Democratic opponents: Alisha Shelton, Dennis Macek, Chris Janicek and Angie Phillips.

NORTH CAROLINA —Former State Senator Cal Cunningham is the front-runner for the Democratic nomination against Thom Tillis, one of the most endangered Republicans in this cycle.

OKLAHOMA — Seven Democrats are running to replace longtime incumbent Jim Inhofe — Dylan Billings, Elysabeth Britt, Abby Broyles, Tyler Dougherty, Bevon Rogers, Paul Tay and Mike Workman — but it would take a Moonlight-over-La-La-Land-sized upset for any of them to beat him this fall.

SOUTH CAROLINA — Jaime Harrison is one of the strongest Democratic candidates this cycle (profiled in Candidate Watch here) and if anti-Trump sentiment motivates everyone to go to the polls, he could beat Lapdog Lindsey Graham.

SOUTH DAKOTA — State Representative Dan Ahlers is the likely candidate against incumbent Mike Rounds.

TEXAS — Former congressional candidate MJ Hegar, who I profiled for my first Candidate Watch article, is the likely nominee against incumbent John Cornyn.

WEST VIRGINIA — The two Democrats running to replace Shelley Moore Capito are Joe Manchin’s 2018 primary challenger, Paula Jean Swearengin, and former congressional and presidential candidate Richard Ojeda, neither of whom have a chance in hell of beating her.


ALABAMA — Doug Jones faces the biggest uphill battle of any Democratic incumbent, and needs all the support he can get.

DELAWARE — Chris Coons is running for his second full term and will likely triumph, especially if he has Joe Biden campaigning for him as nominee.

ILLINOIS — Longtime Democratic whip Dick Durbin is a safe bet for re-election, and a possible candidate for Majority Leader if we win back the Senate.

MASSACHUSETTS — Incumbent Senator and Green New Deal co-sponsor Ed Markey faces a primary challenge from Representative Joe Kennedy. Whoever wins, this seat is likely safe.

MICHIGAN — Apart from Doug Jones, Gary Peters needs the most help to win re-election for a second term.

MINNESOTA — Tina Smith won her election in 2018 after being appointed to Al Franken’s seat, but in 2016, Minnesota came the closest it’s come in 44 years to flipping red, so she needs all the help she can get.

NEW HAMPSHIRE — Jeanne Shaheen is running for a third term as Senator. New Hampshire can be quirky, so donate to her too.

OREGON — Jeff Merkley is one of our most stalwart progressive leaders and is likely to win re-election for his third third term.

RHODE ISLAND — Jack Reed, elected the same year as Dick Durbin (1996) is a safe bet for re-election.

VIRGINIA — Mark Warner seems to be set for a third term, especially since Virginia has become a blue state in the last few years.


KANSAS — Democrat Barbara Bollier (profiled in Candidate Watch here) could actually flip this red seat blue, especially if Republicans nominate their toxic former Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, to replace retiring Republican Pat Roberts.

NEW MEXICO — Democratic Congressman and Assistant Speaker of the House Ben Ray Luján has a strong shot at holding Tom Udall’s seat.

TENNESSEE — No front-runner has emerged to succeed retiring Republican Lamar Alexander. So far there are five Democratic candidates but only two have legit websites: Marquita Bradshaw and James Mackler.

WYOMING — Author and non-profit director Yana Ludwig is the more legitimate of the two candidates running for this seat. It remains to be seen which Republican she will face now that Liz Cheney has declined to run.


ALASKA — Incumbent Dan Sullivan is currently unopposed for re-election.

ARKANSAS — Tom Cotton, one of the most venal Senators, will run un-opposed as the Democratic primary in his state has been cancelled.

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